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Mayra Sanchez, 18, Joseph Williams, 20, and Aaron Allen, 20, are facing a slew of charges, after investigators tracked them down through an internet ad for escorts, on Back. Detectives say the ad showed a girl who appeared to be underage.

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FBI agents didn't hesitate to set up a meeting at the Super 8, on the 8, block of the Midlothian Turnpike, last Thursday. However, potential "Johns" aren't the only ones calling.

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The FBI's Richmond are Exploitation Task Force partners with local and state police, even Homeland Security investigators, to pinpoint those selling sex, and people willing to pay for it. During the bust, detectives discover Sanchez was 18, and not a minor.

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Sanchez was charged, along with Aaron Allen and Joseph Williams, for promoting prostitution, among other charges. Hilland says the task force also works to help both minors and adults, find their way out of a dark path. We try to help them as well.

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The Richmond FBI works with a of local agencies to help minors or adults involved in prostitution pull themselves out of the cycle. Richmond FBI nabs three in Chesterfield prostitution sting.

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